Everyone in this world aspires for peace throughout his/her life. This aspiration of the person in achieving peace is closely interlinked with their marital life. Even on these days where there is so much of advancement in every sphere at micro and macro levels, yet the unmarried have been depending on their luck for getting a life partner.

So, to assist these persons CAMB was started in 1990 in Bangalore and is gradually spreading out its wings to different cities and also plans to open its branches throughout India and in USA.

CAMB has adopted a unique mode to explore the most acceptable match for you by employing all the boons of the latest computer technology and audio visual aids.

We take this opportunity in extending you a hearty invitation to utilize the services of our matrimonial bureau, a unique one leading to the pathway to find a perfect life partner.

When CAMB was started in 1990 it was a brand new concept in the country. From the very beginning it went on increasing its efficiency by computer & video based interviews in providing all the information & other facilities required by the members very near to their places by establishing branches & franchises in different states. Already more than fourteen thousand five hundred members have been registered.

Marriage is not only a sacred ritual, but also an important 'Event in an individual's life. Earlier, elders only were taking part in selecting the alliances & it was being carried out in their traditional ways. Since marriages were performed at very early age & youngsters were not mature enough.Hence elders decision was final & marriages were easier. But now times have changed. For various reasons, family life has become more & more complicated. Since the present day youth are giving importance to many aspects about marriage, the choice of life partner has become extremely difficult. Nowadays the youth give importance to economic stability, education, and intelligence & hence the selection of the partner is not that easy. Even though youth take an active role in choosing their life partner, elders also play a role in the interest of the family.
One important feature was that in 1994, CAMB drew the attention of the country when its specialized services were telecasted in SURABHI programme of DD1 channel in 1994 and subsequently in 2000.

Also many people were made aware of the utilities of CAMB through DD India (International channel), ASIANET, ZEE TV,TMG & also in the world famous DISCOVERY CHANNEL. Apart form this many informative writeups on CAMB have been published in leading National News papers, such as THE TIMES OF INDIA, INDIAN EXPRESS, THE HINDU & also in regional news papers like DECCAN CHRONICLE , ANDHRA PRADESH TIME(A.P),SUDDI MOOLA(KARNATAKA),GANAKA(KARNATAKA) & PRAJAVANI (KARNATAKA).

The selection stage before the marriage is very important. Since many people commit a mistake at the time of selection, they suffer throughout their life due to discontent, agitation & dissatisfaction.Elimination of the complications of the choice leads to a firm foundation of married life. At this stage out matrimonial centre CAMB plays a very important role.

Educational qualifications, intelligence, culture, civility, good behavior, mental maturity, taste, talent, hobbies, economic & social status, standard of living, life style, age difference, required posture, color, grace, caste & sub castes & also matching of horoscopes are the important factors for selection. The search continues when the person with all the required qualities refuses the alliance. This is not as easy as it looks. The search becomes difficult because of lack of information about suitable persons, lack of time, economic disadvantages, shortage of means of communication, the difficulties of long distance travel, mental upsets & others, will sap the confidence of a person. The only solution for all these problems of searching is CAMB.



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