1. All the information collected in the prescribed application form of CAMB will be fed into the computers and on the basis of the analysis of the databank, a meaningful matching list of suitable persons will be given instantaneously, also updated matching lists will be sent to the clients every month (through post/E-mail).
2. An innovative system has been evolved to show the biodata and photo images on the computer screen of the selected clients.
3. It is appreciable if 2 minimum post card size impressive colour photographs are furnished. These photos are scanned & the images are stored in the computer memory & also the photographs are placed in the album along with a photo slip containing the important details.
4. Video interviews- Brides & Grooms will be video interviewed (optional) by CAMB regarding their outlook, likes & dislikes & other general matters. When other clients see these video clippings, it helps them to form a preliminary opinion regarding the alliance. This is a unique feature of CAMB at no extra cost.
5. If the members have their own e-mail facilities, then they can see all the photos & get all the bio-data's of the selected clients on their desktop itself. (Additional cost).
6. Personal interviews between the brides & groom can be arranged in the exclusive & well furnished rooms in the premises of CAMB, which will be purely informal & time saving.
7. If desired, the printout of the horoscopes/bio-data of the selected bride or grooms will be provided.
8. Services of CAMB also cover the responsibility of arranging contact between the bride and grooms through local telephone calls & inland correspondence through letters.
9. Our office staff always provides courteous & personalized services to the clients with a smiling face.
The traditional search for bride & grooms involves lots of expenditure, waste of enormous time & energy, due to which people undergo mental strain, which may lead to inconsistent decisions resulting in the bride or grooms losing the meaning of marital life. CAMB's involvement will remove all the difficulties & problems.
A large database of bride & grooms available with CAMB help in choosing .the most suitable life partner.
In depth details about the bride or grooms are available with CAMB.
CAMB can be identified as a media for establishing a link between the bride & groom.
Elders of the bride/groom can meet & discuss the required topics in the office of CAMB.
Since the selection of matches is through computers, all suitable matches can be viewed at a single stretch.
Clients & their wards can visit CAMB more than once & discuss with the concerned people to make selections on the basis of photos & video clippings.
The members of CAMB will get many unimaginable & innumerable benefits in selecting a life partner.
Umpteen number of members have been benefited & are being benefited by the specialized / personalized services of CAMB.
It is difficult for us to enumerate all the facilities & benefits within the limited scope of this website.
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Computer Audio - Visual Aided Matrimonial Bureau